Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jaime Ibanez, The Miniature Visual Scenic Themepark Artist

Thanks to GMA-7, ABS-CBN 2, TV-5, net 25, ABC-5, Qtv 11, News T.V 11  Studio 23, Pinoy TV, TFC abroad, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine News Explorer Globally for helping me expose my talent to educate and inspire people from different places here and abroad and to show everyone God's creation by means of my artworks and masterpieces.

Monday, May 16, 2011

One of the Famous Historical Churches in the Phil. Malolos Bulacan, Barasoain Churches And used as a photo in 10 peso bill in Phil. currency

Miniature artwork

The Rainbow Palace

The Magic Fantasia Palace

The Treasure Palace

The Phil. Ancestral House Facade Miniature 2D Own Concept Design
One of a Kind miniature Art Collections.







The Phil.Residencia Old House Facade 18''24 inch.

The Phil.Spanish Ancestral House Facade Miniature Artwork 5'7 inch
Own Concept Design.

The Futuristic Palace own Concept Design 3D

The Castle of Darkness own Concept Design 3D

The Phil.Ancestral House Facade Own concept Design 2D

The Miniature Of Burj Al Arab The Famous 7- star Hotel Dubai 2D

Miniature artwork,World Heritage Site Paoay Church,Phil.